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Fire Classes in Colchester

FIRE! (no need to grab your extinguisher) Flight Aerial Arts present a brand new fire course in Colchester! sign up for our workshop series taught by the incredibly talented Jonny Horn of Fyreflies!!

The fire workshop will consist of: Fire safety and fuels. Body burning, fire eating, transfers and vapours, fire breathing and looking at how these can be put together into a routine. All carried out by a fully insured fire skills teacher. There will be opportunity to buy some fire wands at very reasonable prices should you want to take this skill home with you. Can I suggest a possible change of clothes for the session with cotton/denim preferred, bare arms and a head covering. Lycra is not a friend of fire! £100 for 4 hours Wednesday 9th September 7-9pm Wednesday 16th September 7-9pm

MAX 5 PARTICIPANTS! Frequently asked Questions? Does it hurt? Can It Burn? NO it shouldn’t hurt, if it does you are doing it incorrectly, or you are working in the wrong conditions. YES, fire can and does burn if you don't do it properly. It takes a few seconds to do "burn damage" so as long as fire keeps moving you shouldn't get burnt. Can I come to your classes as a total beginner? YES, we cater classes for all skill levels. We have a lot of experience with beginners. Can I teach my friends? NO, we have a strict policy on not passing the skills on to others. It took us 18 years to build up the experience and knowledge we feel is necessary to be able to teach these skills. 1 lesson with us is not enough knowledge to pass on to others, Please send anyone you know who is interested in learning back to us. Is it bad for me/my health? YES is the short answer, the fuel and soot are carcinogenic, long term exposure to fumes and fuels can affect your health in the long term Do you supply the equipment? YES, we supply all the equipment, fuel and safety devices. (You can also purchase equipment from us) Do you put anything on your skin or in your mouth to stop you from burning? NO, there are no tricks or cheats, you will be learning skills. Like how to control and manipulate the fire safely.

Contact us to book in today!