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Flight Aerial Arts Introduction

About the aerial skills instructor


Danielle Sosta is the main instructor at Flight Aerial Arts. As a huge enthusiast of aerial skills Danielle has many years’ of experience, you can read about her qualifications here in detail. Danielle’s passion for the world of aerial arts has led her to develop a unique holistic approach to teaching these forms of exercise. Aerial arts classes are an exceptional way of developing your core strength, flexibility, stamina and balance whilst having fun.


We offer classes for people of all different skill levels from beginners to advanced aerialists. If you’ve never tried any aerial arts before, no need to worry, we can tailor the sessions to your needs. Check out our timetable here!


Other classes, group events and parties


In addition to the main classes listed above such as aerial yoga, we also offer stretch classes to help increase your flexibility and control over a wider range of body movements; furthermore, and a new type of fitness programme for serious aerial enthusiasts called Bungee Dance Fitness. This class will take you through a rigorous fitness and strength programme, whilst wearing a harness on our bungee rig to help you achieve your best.


At Flight Aerial Arts we also run many types of group events for kids and adults. We can do aerial yoga and other aerial skills days for groups of 10 or more participants. Alongside these group events, we also run SPA and pamper parties in conjunction with our standard aerial arts activities.


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