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What to wear to your Aerial Silks/Aerial Fabric Class?

What to wear to your Aerial Silks Class?

As a follow up to my previous post about what to wear for your Aerial Hoop class (which can be found here!), here is the Silks counterpart!

The best fabric for Aerial Silks classes…

Whilst we went for slidey Nylon materials as the best choice for Hoop, Silks are a different story all together. Since the fabrics that we use at Flight Aerial Arts are 100% Polyester, I’ve found that non-natural fabrics don’t mix well with Silks, so the best all-round fabric is Cotton or Jersey. You can find Cotton leggings anywhere, however I generally avoid the super cheap brands like Primark or Boohoo since, despite the cool prints, they usually develop holes really quickly! I’ve bought lots of long lasting leggings from Matalan!

However, if you’re a beginner and learning to climb, or an advanced student who’s feeling a bit lazy, Velvet is your friend! Velvet on the legs provides for amazing grip against the fabrics and it works as my secret weapon on days where I’m not feeling at my top strength. I’ve bought various different velvet leggings from different retailers, but my favourites are from Matalan! They don’t stock them very often, so check their site regularly.

[TOP TIP: when searching on online shopping sites for velvet leggings, also try searching for ‘flocked’]