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What to expect from your first Bungee Class!

We know that your first class of anything can be daunting, so here is a run down of some top tips for your first class, as well as what to expect!

What to expect!

Once you've made your online booking for your first Bungee class or course with us, you'll need to go ahead and fill in a few E-forms on our website which include a waiver and a PARQ form.

On the day of your first class, you'll need to aim to arrive around 5 minutes early to avoid getting lost or getting stuck in traffic. Head to the Contact section on our website to find the studio location and get directions (remember that our Bungee

classes take place at our Davey Close studio and NOT Sprawls Farm!).

Once you arrive you'll be invited in where you instructor will great you and direct you to the bathroom/changing area and

show you where we leave our shoes and belongings before taking you into the main hall where you will be guided through setting up your harness. Your instructor will then check your harness and clip you into the rigging point and you'll be ready to go!

Top Tips!

  • It's a great idea to wear as many layers as possible on your hips for Bungee as whilst we provide the best possible bungee harnesses, all harnesses can be a little uncomfortable to get used to, but for added protection and padding, we recommend wearing denim shorts over your leggings as these provide a really solid surface for your harness!

  • Bring water! You'll get a great workout in your bungee class so don't forget to bring water and make sure you keep it on you and close by when you're clipping in!

  • The best grip option for your feet in a bungee class is to be bare foot, however if you aren't a fan of being bare foot, then we advise that you wear grippy socks to your class!

  • We tend to warm up really quickly once we start bouncing, but if it's a cold day, you should wear lots of layers as your harness won't stop your from taking any layers off of your upper body, so layer up to avoid feeling cold!

Remember, all of our classes at Flight Aerial are completely beginner friendly, so book into any classes that take your fancy. We hope this helps and we'd love to see you in a bungee class soon!

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